Web Design, Development & CRM

Jpriy has been accredited as a prominent Web Design and Development Company in India. It has gained several prestigious recognitions for its quality Website Development services in Delhi.

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E-commerce Website Development &
App Development

We use a range of leading technology and tools to provide expert web app development services. Our teams of professionals are experts at HTML, Php, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, Reactjs and much more.

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Our goal isn’t to build a website. The goal is to build your business.

Experience A World-Class Website Development Service.

Feasibility Study & Planning

Our Team evaluate and do Feasibility Study & Planning before start new project.

Design and Development

We bring you the destination where we provide a cutting-edge webpage that is attractive to look.

Business Growth with Digital Marketing

Dealing with products or services directed through digital media and technologies.

True Custom Web Design

We take each client through a creative process to build a website that reflects their brand, generates sales and hit their unique goals.

Easily Manage Your Data

We integrate and build user-friendly content management systems so keeping your website up-to-date is a breeze and requires.

Dominate All Devices

Every OuterBox website is built mobile-friendly to capture leads, generate sales, and increase brand exposure from customers.

Communicate with flexible tools that go where your team goes.

Why Should You Choose Us

It is important for our customers to understand how we are different and why our client choose us.

User Design


Web Application


Ecommerce Development


Mobile Development


Works That We Done Recently

All startups need to make their business work

Features That You Will Get


  • Information structure

  • User Interface design

  • Content Management System

  • Programming

  • Content development

Communicate with flexible tools that go where your team goes.

Ready to make your sales team more productive?

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